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            How to get started with PocketConfidant?

            Have you ever felt overwhelmed, lacking confidence, wished for a caring someone to talk to about your issues and help you figure out how to solve them? Have you ever wished you had not overreacted and chosen a better way to respond to some situations?

            This is why we are here…

            PocketConfidant is a smart coaching technology incorporating Artificial Intelligence, accessible 24/7 on chat interfaces. Think of the virtual coach as your trusted friend and confidante in your pocket, always ready to listen and respond, with whom you can talk privately and confidentially about anything. The virtual coach asks you questions that help you become more aware of what is going on, step back, identify resources and opportunities that are available to you, formulate your goal and move forward.

            Today’s world is moving fast, creating moments of reflection for yourself is a key to living a successful and healthy life.

            What is helpful when using PocketConfidant?
            Remember, personal motivation and intention are very important to tackling any challenge we face. Setting a positive intention to work with PocketConfidant and bringing a desire to work with curiosity and exploration will add significant benefit. Find a time and quiet place where you can relax… with your phone, tablet or laptop, set aside at least 30 minutes to chat, be open to whatever thoughts come to you as the virtual coach guides you through your conversation.

            How to work with PocketConfidant today?
            You are an early adopter: PocketConfidant is kick starting a new technology. Artificial Intelligence cannot be in place and working without users, the bot will learn with and from its interaction with you and others.

            The virtual coach will not speak exactly as you do, at times the conversation may feel a little difficult but with your input the technology and quality of the conversations will continuously improve.

            Everyone approaches various issues with a different perspective, expectation or need. Depending on the subject you want to talk about, the questioning style will work for some, and not for others. If you find the virtual coach does not fit your issue; either keep going until the end of the session, following the questions as they are presented, and provide your feedback just after the session, OR, stop, and write in //feedback to explain your experience. Our team will collect your feedback and improve the virtual coach. We do recommend you go back at another time with a different challenge/issue and work it through with the coach.

            Expect the virtual coach’s questions to be direct and repeat sometimes. This is deliberately done to support and reinforce awareness and encourage you to reframe your desire or challenge when appropriate.

            Although it may well happen, don’t expect issues to be solved with the virtual coach. It is here to enable you to create a space for yourself to reflect, find resources, and set your course towards addressing your desired outcomes.

            The virtual coach won’t answer questions or provide solutions. This is not what coaching is designed to do; coaching facilitates awareness, skill-building and change mechanisms.

            The virtual coach will not address mental illnesses or pathologies, suicide, depression, therapy-oriented conversations or requests, or psychological traumas. It will stop the conversation if you seem to be in difficulty and redirect you to pre-agreed types of information such as crisis information and other support resources.

            Human Intelligence vs Machine Intelligence: PocketConfidant’s technology is not built to equal or outperform Human Intelligence, but rather to support people in daily reflective processes that are usually hard or impossible to perform alone.

            What about Confidentiality and the use of my data?
            PocketConfidant Artificial Intelligence SAS is responsible for data processing. Personal conversations are transmitted encrypted, stored depersonalized and are not shared or sold to anyone or to any organization without explicit user’s desire to do so. PocketConfidant is a confidential service for you, the user.

            What are the steps to start using PocketConfidant's virtual coach?
            1. You can access PocketConfidant's virtual coach on these available apps.
            2. After validating your email address with the One-time Password, your account will be created.
            3. If you have been provided with a Subscription Code by your organization or community, paste it into the PocketConfidant chat conversation to make your Subscription active. If your organization has subscribed to PocketConfidant using its domain (ex: john@abcorganization.com), use your organization 's email address (ex: oliver@abcorganization.com) to access PocketConfidant's virtual coach.
            You are now all set to start a conversation.

            If you encounter problems, type //contact in the chat window or contact us at support@pocketconfidant.com.
            Updated: 10 Aug 2017 06:56 AM
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