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            How to activate your PocketConfidant subscription?

            To chat with the PocketConfidant virtual coach, your account needs to have an active subscription.

            A subscription can be activated in the following ways:
            • If you received an invitation email, click the link to activate your subscription;
            • If you have been provided with a Subscription Code by your organization or community, paste it into the PocketConfidant chat conversation;
            • If your organization has subscribed to PocketConfidant using its domain (e.g. abcorganization.com), use your organization's email address (e.g. john@abcorganization.com) to access the PocketConfidant virtual coach.
            You are all set to start a conversation with the virtual coach.

            Check with your organization's managers to see if PocketConfidant is being used. 

            To contact us, type //contact command in chat window or contact us at support@pocketconfidant.com.

            Updated: 16 Jan 2018 01:11 PM
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